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  In any chemical plant, plant utilities play a major role for processing the chemicals.
At POCIPL we have following plant utilities:-
    1. Thermic fluid heater (TFH)
    2. DG Set
    3. Chilling plant
    4. Cooling tower
e)   Diesel engine for fire hydrant system. 
The details of these plant utilities are given overleaf. 


In a chemical industry, smooth plant operation can be achieved by good performance of instruments.  At POCIPL we have the following instruments:- 
Sr. No. Name of Instrument Use
1. Pressure gauge   To check the pressure
2. Thermocouple   To check the temperature
3. Side Mounted glass tube  To check levels of over ground tanks level indicator 
4. Top Mounted Float type  To check level of underground Level indicator    tanks
5. Rota meter To check the flow rate
Name of Equipments Use Quantity
Raw material storage tank Raw material storage   4 Nos.
Finished product storage tank    Finished product storage   4 Nos.
Reboiler vessel Heating of Raw material 1 No.
Packed column Vapours passing 1 No.
Condenser Condensing the Vapours 1 No.
Product Cooler Cooling vent off Vapours 1 No.
Chiller   Chilling of Distillates 1 No.
Receiver Receiving finished product 1 No.
LDO tank  LDO storage      1 No.
Catch Pot Collection of distillate 1 No.
Vaccum Pot Vaccum creation 1 No.
1.  Earthing is provided to each and every equipment in the plant.
2. Nitrogen blanketing is done to plant before processing.
3. Jumpers are provided to every flange joint in pipe lines carrying flammable material to avoid fire accidents due to static electricity.
4. All pipelines in the plant are colour coded for smooth operation and easy understanding.
5. All the electrical equipment and lighting system in the plant is flame proof.
6. Different types of fire extinguishers and fire buckets are placed at respective position.
7. Different types of safety posters are displayed in the plant.
8. We have carried out the safety audit.
9. We have well developed fire hydrant system with water tank of 2.60 lakh ltrs. capacity  and 7 fire hydrant point with two fire monitors.
10. Last but not least all the employees of company are provided personal protective equipments.
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